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Stream near Grassington lead mines

Landscapes & Nature


Many of the shots here were taken in North Yorkshire where I live. I am lucky to be surrounded by rich and diverse landscapes which include the sea, lakes, streams, heather, steep hills and amazing vistas. Inspiration is not difficult to conjure up and I take my camera nearly everywhere I go.

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Stream at Bolton Abbey
Bolton Abbey through the trees
Loch Kinnard, Scotland
Brighton Pier before final fire
Loch Kinnard, Scotland
Frozen lake - Studley Roger
Daffodils through snow in Harrogate
Exposed tree roots at Swinsty
Yorkshire wood in winter
Swinsty reservoir in Summer
Scarborough front, Winter
River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey
Bank of trees at sunset
Beach at Wells-by-the-Sea
Stream near Grassington
Bluebells at Ripley
Autumn trees at Knaresborough
Exposed stump in water
Sea front chalets at Scarborogh
Sunrise at Fewston reservoir
Fewston reservoir
Bluebells at Swinsty reservoir
Tree at Troller's Gill, Yorkshire
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